February 15, 2015

Voodoo Tattoo

Voodoo Tattoo specializes in flash tattoos. They make beautiful gold and silver temporary tattoos. These metallic flash tattoos are the latest jewelry-inspired decor worn on the wrist, arm, shoulder, or anywhere! Voodoo Tattoo sheets are made with premium quality gold, silver, and black foils. The tattoos are DIY, and Voodoo Tattoo was gracious enough to let me try my very own!

The tattoos come on a rectangular sheet with an assortment of designed foiled images. The application takes less than five minutes! To apply, cut out your desired image from the sheet. Clean your skin of any oils or lotions. Prepare a damp towel. Peel the thin plastic off the sheet, and place it face down on any part of your skin you'd like the image to be. Press the towel over the back of the image to moisten it. Hold for 15 seconds, and peel off your skin.

The tattoos were not only extremely easy, but they are really fun to wear. My cooler, younger sister thought they looked awesome, the tattoo stayed on all day, and I loved the shine it brought to my outfit! Voodoo tattoos are waterproof and may last up to three days. I noticed the placement of the tattoos contributed to their last. The arrows on my hand lasted longer than the tattoo on my wrist - perhaps because it was placed in a spot that had little joint movement. These are perfect for the weekend, or one day events. Removing the tattoos is as simple as the application. Oil was the best removal option I used. I tried rubbing alcohol, but it did not work as well as the olive oil I used.

Voodoo Tattoos are great to doll yourself in faux jewelry. Use them like a choker, necklace, bracelet, on the wrist, sleeves, finger, hands, legs, and feet. Available styles include tattoo arrows, pendants, cross, celtic, vines, leaves, peacock, Egyptian, infinity, gypsy, boho, glitter, waves, triangles, indian, swallows, birds and more!

The company also promises customer satisfaction. They have a Money Back Guarantee policy: "We want the purchase to work for you. If for any reason this product is not meeting your expectations, just send us a note and we'll be happy to take care of you."

Get your own Voodoo Tattoos on Amazon!

I received this complimentary Voodoo Tattoo product for testing purposes.


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  4. That's a lovely idea!! Don't like lasting tattoos, but on holidays I have it made with henna. This one seems easier :)


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