December 21, 2014

Garasu Wonderland's Glass Art

Dancing Koi Fish
You can find pretty much anything handmade on All the way from Singapore, resides an artist who makes beautiful glass art. Garasu Wonderland specializes in hand painted, stained glass art. Items featured are glass paintings, vases, jars and containers, ornaments, photo frames, and much more! These are great for home decor, gifts, accessories and decorations.

Love in a Bottle
Koren Kwan, the artist and owner of Garasu Wonderland, opened her shop in May 2014. Before that, she's always enjoyed creating glass art. Koren incorporates her passion for Japanese arts into her own artwork: "Studying Japanese arts in Japan opened my eyes to Japanese aesthetics
where my artwork is inspired by nature, the beauty around us, and Japanese cultures."

Story of Blue and Green
One particular piece caught my eye from the beginning - Story of Blue and Green, which is one of the shop's jewelry dishes. Koren explains this item is an example of her love with experimental design. "I enjoy experimenting with colors, textures and techniques, where I can create a fused glass look with only paints [and] without firing." She blends "blue, green, white and crystal glitter in stylish swirls" to create this unique piece!

Garasu Wonderland offers lots of zakka, "a Japanese design aesthetic, [that] refers to the little decorative accessories that improve our home or life...simple charm that is both useful and pleasing." All of Koren's amazing artwork is made to order with warm, loving care. Find more of Garasu Wonderland on Flickr and Pinterest. Plus, for my awesome readers, use coupon code PUELLAAETERNA10 for 10% off!


  1. I love the glass art! Absolutely beautiful. The first piece is my favourite! X x x

  2. Marvelous glass art, the story of blue and green is my favorite. Beautiful.

  3. this is so beautiful...thanks for your comment n my blog...
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  4. This art is so unique and quirky. I absolutely love it. They would make such nice Christmas Presents and would enhance the home. I love the very first picture. :)

  5. The colored glass is so pretty! When I went to Venice this summer I bought a lot of Murano glass jewelry which is an island close to Venice that makes the glass by hand from old traditions. I went a bit overboard but I couldn't resist!

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  7. Beautiful!!!
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    Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo 2015!!!
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  8. Oh goodness, that is beautiful :)

  9. Etsy has a wealth of handcrafted items! Thank you for sharing and Happy Holidays!