December 5, 2014

Antidote Skin Care

As-Smooth-As Baby Bum Facial Cream
It's been a little while since I've featured a handmade shop, and I am happy to introduce to my readers AntiDote Skin Care Company. They specialize in natural, handcrafted skin care for women, men and kids.

Upon first impression, the shop presents itself with an earthy, rock-star feel. AntiDote prides itself on being an unconventional skin care company providing an edgy, yet light-hearted, unique line of products. You can find moisturizers, salves, lip balms, body oils and butters, anti-aging items, creams, body scrubs, sunscreens, soaps, and more!

AntiDote is based in Canada. Crafter and owner, Davor Cukeric, is a former techie and current culinary professional, who is "always looking for better for my family, myself and others: better food, healthier ways of living, better products (especially the ones we use daily)." He began researching and experimenting with
An-Eye-For-An-Eye Dark Circle Salve
natural skin care treatments after discovering his daughter had health issues at birth. Davor explored medicinal herbs, wild botanicals, and natural oils, and with his culinary background, was able to make the creations he sells in his shop today.

There is a large variety of items and scents to choose from. AntiDote has products to treat your feet, nails, skin, eyes, and hair. I love the names for their products. They definitely show off AntiDote's unique nature. I especially like these creative ones: "Foot Fetish Soothing Balm," "An-Eye-For-An-Eye Dark Circle Salve," "Sasquatch Approved Beard and Stache Conditioner," and "Wee-Ones Neutralizing Bum Duster Baby Powder."

Holiday Gift Set for Mother & Child
AntiDote's items are not only all natural, they are also 100% non-toxic, paraben, GMO and cruelty free. Plus, there are vegan friendly items available too! Davor explains,

"I am passionate about what I do and how it impacts others."

These products are great as holiday gifts, and AntiDote Skin Care Company even offers Holiday Gift Sets and Stocking Stuffers at reasonable prices! For my readers only, use coupon code: ETERNALGIRL2014 for 10% off a minimum $20 purchase. Find AntiDote across the web on: Etsy, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Wanelo, Tumblr, Pinterest, and RebelMouse.


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