October 20, 2014

Autumn Favorites

I don't know about you, but Autumn has been a bit wishy-washy here. It's warm one day, and cool the next. It rains like crazy, and then there are sunny skies. Where I live, the first month of Autumn has been dramatic.

BUT, there are lots of things about Autumn I love! I love the crunching sound of stepping on leaves, I love the smell of Halloween (the weather is always cold and crisp, which gives off a unique scent)... I especially love the cinnamon, cloves, and spices in pumpkin pies for the holiday. I asked some of my friends and sponsors to share:

What is your favorite thing about Autumn?

"My favorite thing about Autumn would have to be the leaves changing colors, the red ones are my favorite! And I also love how the mornings and evenings are cool and crisp.  It's perfect for snuggling into my favorite sweatshirt while enjoying a cup of coffee, or, on the weekends, having a bonfire in the backyard."
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"National Candy Corn Day on October 30th."

"Sweater weather opportunities and the changing color of leaves."
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"I love the temperature of Autumn. Here in NC it can get really hot during the summer, so being able to go outside and enjoy a walk or working in my garden in Autumn is a plus."
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"My favorite thing in autumn is walking around enjoying the "sweater weather"! I'm a huge advocate for the cool and the crisp temperatures and pairing it with a cozy warm sweater. I love hearing the leaves crunch under my boots and taking walks with my friends is such a fun and healthy way to be active and enjoy this wonderful season!"
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"I love snuggling in and being cozy in Autumn!"
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"Hot chocolate & marshmallows, snuggling under the blanket, pile of crunchy, crispy fallen leaves around the neighborhood, cold weather, the Christmas Spirit (since my country kind of starts celebrating Christmas as early as September!) and Christmas countdown! I just love this time of the year even if we don't 'really have' Autumn."
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"My favourite thing about autumn is definitely the autumn/fall fashion where you can see blazer and coat all over the place. Of them all, my favourite fall trend is the blazer over shoulder style ! It keeps me warm while looking fashionably chic too."
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  1. Yay! So many shared interests and loves for fall. Thanks for the feature! Happy autumn Julia!

  2. Aww, awesome Autumn feature! Thank you so much!

  3. The beautiful array of colours everywhere<3<3
    Great post!
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  4. Nice post!!!

  5. It's fun to hear everyone's favorites about this time of year. Thanks for letting me share.

  6. Great post ! Thank you for the feature darling ! xoxo

    Keep in touch ya. :)