September 22, 2014

Decor8YourLife is a fun website to visit to get tips and ideas for interior decoration and storage. It provides room design ideas suitable for women, men, and teenagers. It also has extensive tips for efficient small space design and creative themed designs.

At first glance on the homepage, is a snippet about the site as well as a thorough introduction by the creator, Sandra. Her professional background is in Website Marketing & Automation, and she has combined this with her love of interior design. "I have created a website that not only offers interior design advice and ideas, but one that will help create a growing marketing network for small business."

You'll see quite a few unique finds on Decor8YourLife. There are summer home decorating ideas, party decor designs, paper crafting ideas, fun printables, and even giveaways. Sandra's family keeps her motivated and their presence shines through to the website. She writes about home-schooling and raising two teenagers, one with Autism.

You can connect with Decor8YourLife across the web on Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, and Houzz. Decor8yourlife is available for bloggers and websites to submit their advertising buttons here, and their own giveaways here.


  1. Love your sense of interior decor!
    Kisses from Miami,

  2. Hello from Spain: great advice. I like decor very much. Keep in touch

  3. The website seems like a great idea for ppl like me who aren't creativw

  4. I love the looks! It all seems so crisp and fresh! Unlike our house!

  5. I love the looks! It all looks clean and fresh! Unlike our house!

  6. Looks very fresh and clean! Wish I could achieve something comparable.