June 19, 2014

Summertime and the living's easy...

Are you ready for summer?! I love the warm weather and summer is one of my favorite times (probably because growing up there was no school in the summer!). I love going to the beach, and I especially love swinging on the swings in the summer time. I asked some of my sponsors and friends:

What are your favorite summer activities?

"Texas gets pretty hot in the summer, so I'm for any activity that includes beating the summer heat. Hanging out at Barton Springs and kayaking on Lady Bird Lake are two of my favorites. Overall, I love summer for the change in attitude. Life is slower paced and you get to sit back and relax for the season."
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"Summer is a great time for me to catch-up on my hobbies because school has pretty much taken over my life for the whole year! So anyway, my favorite summer activities (aside from travelling to Tagaytay, Philippines with my family) are dancing ballet, reading books, and painting!"

"I love to play ultimate frisbee and go swimming if I can. For leisure time, a nice park with some shade and good company is the best!"
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"Spending warm sunny days playing with my boys :)"
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  1. Summer is so much fun, am looking forward to resting and going some places with family to enjoy each other's company :) x

  2. I love summer, I agree with Rae, I also catch up activities which I don´t have time for them during school year. :)
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  3. Hooray for summer! :) thanks so much for featuring me Julia! ^^)

    xoxo, rae

  4. I agree with Becca. Texas gets hot, so anything that has to do with water is a favorite summer activity of mine. :)

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