March 29, 2014

New Free Spirit Designs

I've been working on new "Free Spirit" styled designs. The first necklace is the Elephant, which represents strength and patience. I got the idea when playing animal stamps with my niece. The second is a Dreamcatcher that traps bad dreams, and lets good dreams flow happily into a person. I was moved by Inspired Soul's artwork, and came up with this design. The last necklace is an Alia design, that captures the true henna spirit with free-flowing floral styles. I've been working on this one for a while, and am now confident to add it to my shop. I hope you enjoy!


  1. Hi nice post! beautiful accessories you made. I like how every necklace has its own meaning! Great stuff

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    Greets Jon.

  2. I love elephants because of what they represent, but I absolutely adore your dream catcher pendant!! Gorgeous artwork. c:
    I'm definitely investing in one of your amazing necklaces once I'm not a broke ass, haha. XD


  3. Hello from Spain: beautiful creations. I like the elephant. Very cute keep in touch...

  4. Thank you for all the positive feedback!

  5. wonderful much much like it..these pendants are so adorable
    keep in touch lovely

  6. hey sure
    a follow for follow with gfc?
    just follow me so I can follow you back


  7. Suvarna, gfc is not working for me right now. I will follow when I can!

  8. You are so talented! It's so amazing that you do all of these by hand. I really love the elephant one. So cute.

  9. Thank you Tiffany! Yes, I do these handmade - I'm glad everyone's on board with the elephant!