March 15, 2014

Luck of the Irish

St. Patrick's Day is coming up and those who celebrate it know that the lucky four leaf clover is a large symbol for the holiday. To me, luck is just a blessing in disguise, and I strangely believe my pet frog [an african clawed frog] is good luck to me. Whenever I am having a restless night, I hear him croaking and it gives me relief.

I asked some of my sponsors & friends:
What is your good luck charm?

"The closest thing I have to a good luck charm is the ring that I wear everyday. I don't particularly feel that it gives me good luck when I wear it but I do feel like it's bad luck if I forget to put it on in the morning for some reason."
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"I don't necessarily have a good luck charm, but I think the person that gives me the most confidence is my husband. He's kind of like a security blanket in difficult or unknown situations. I love having a best friend to go through life with!"
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"My fur babies, Keesah and Chubby, are definitely my lucky charms. They are there to snuggle with me when I'm having a bad day, keep me company when I'm lonely, and dance with me when I'm overjoyed. They are always there to offer me luck, love, and happiness."
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"I don't really have a good luck charm, but I have noticed that every time I leave the house, and do not wear sunglasses, because it is darker out, I feel less powerful.  I love my sunglasses."
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  1. My good luck charm is my Trrtlz bracelets. c:


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  3. Love it, good to know I'm not the only one who doesn't have a traditional good luck charm.

  4. I had loads of snails on my balcony which I treat like pets, as well as a gecko, which brings luck in the house!
    Mafalda ❤

  5. I feel like I've never really had a constant good luck charm. I just wear certain things for a long time and say it's good luck. Right now, my good luck is my infinity ring that I wear on the middle finger on my right hand.

  6. I agree with VaLon's comment about sunglasses. I feel more confident with them on - especially if I know there are bitchy people about!

  7. Lovely answers. I don´t have any luck charm. I guess that it depends on situation and luck. :)
    Fashion Happenss

  8. Love it! Great post!

  9. I love your pet frog being your good luck charm ;o) I don't know if I have one? I have my stones and crystals around me always and take them with me if I need them, so maybe they are my good luck charms ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  10. stones and crystals sound like they're good luck! very cool Stacy!

  11. Great post, have a nice monday!

  12. I don't have a charm so to speak, but I do believe in signs. I spent all day on friday looking for this silk scarf of mine and couldn't find it. I had not worn it since october. Then on sunday when I went to leave my boyfriends house and I saw this piece of fabric covered in dirt in his driveway. I gave it a double take, because it was the missing scarf! How did it get there? Had it really been in the backseat of my car for months and I never noticed? If so, why did it blow out of the door just when I was looking for it?

    So I washed it, and wore it to a job interview today.

    Chic on the Cheap

  13. Have a great Irish luck day Julia. Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts. Stay in touch.


  14. Not many people seem to have one either, Elisa! Thanks for stopping by!