September 18, 2013

Starr's Paintings

As I was scrolling through my twitter account, I came across a tweet from @StarrVillandry. I directed myself to her Etsy shop, and I knew I wanted to share this amazing artist with my readers. StarrJoy16 specializes in canvas paintings, necklaces and other painted items including jewelry boxes and picture frames. I had the chance to get to know the creator behind this amazing artwork.

Starr, the owner and creator of StarrJoy16, was born and raised in California, loving art and loving to dance. She describes her funky style as "a little girly, little bohemian, little trendy, and a lot of fun," which overflows into her shop. Starr's style is unique. She starts with an image. Then, it's infused "with pops of bright color and a tie-dye / splatter paint detail."

Starr has been painting for a few years. She began creating gifts per friend requests- something for a friend's baby shower, or a wedding reception, or decor for children's rooms. Her friends encouraged her to sell her artwork. Soon, Starr launched her store "with canvas paintings and high hopes," recently in March 2013. Upon opening her shop, people were surprised to learn her shop name is Starr's first and middle name, as well as the date she was born (the 16th of March).

Aside from her unique name, StarrJoy16 is different in itself. Love keeps Starr motivated. She explains that, "it's the best feeling when someone appreciates what I've created and not only likes it, but wants to actually pay me for it and display it in their home." The excitement she feels from a client's approval of her finished artwork strengthens her spirit to create.

You can find StarrJoy16 around the net on EtsyFacebook, her Blog, and Twitter.

September 11, 2013

Swim Every Current

My friend writes a blog, The Psalms of Jamztoma, and recently wrote this piece inspired by his fascination with mythical merfolk. It reminded me of a necklace I had done not too long ago - some of you may have seen it already, so may not have. I wanted to share the poem James wrote called Swim Every Current. It's so positive and motivating. If you like his writing, check out his published book of poems: The PASEFIKA Beat.

Swim every current
Survive every ocean 
that you may encounter
that you may suffer.

Swim and swim on

Be the hero, be the champion
You know that you can swim
Cause you know you have to win 

Swim every current
Survive every problem
that you must not surrender
that you must win over.

Swim and live on
Be the hero, be #1
You know that you can swim
You know you have to win 

Swim every current
Survive every loss my friend
that you may endure
that you must conquer

September 4, 2013

Photography Upgrade

So, I'm slowly working on improving my listings for my Etsy shop. I met an *awesome* photographer, Blaire. She is the owner of Second Ave Photography. Blaire, ever so kindly, took some beautiful photographs of a few of my necklaces! Check out her other work and send her some love!

September 1, 2013

Ring Samples

I've been working on donating a set of 100 Eternal Girl rings to Out of the Box Sampler for their September sample box, "Think Pink, Breast Cancer Awareness." Sample boxes go on sale Tuesday, September 3, 2013 at 8:00am. You get about 15 samples per box from a variety of shops. For more info on how to purchase a sample box, see the FAQS