November 2, 2013

Gardens of the Sun

With a name like Gardens of the Sun, you'd expect the most beautiful earthly substances. And that's just what you'll find in this Etsy shop. Gardens of the Sun specializes in handmade gemstone jewelry from Indonesia. The shop includes earrings, bangles & bracelets, and necklaces draped with raw gemstones, gold, pearls, diamonds, silver, sapphire, tourmaline, leather, and more!

What fascinates me most about Gardens of the Sun is combining precious commodities with such an earthy style. It brings nature back into jewelry, so to speak. Their gemstones are raw, their aquamarines and pearls are reminiscent of the ocean, and their moonstones and natural lava give a celestial feel.

Owner and designer, Meri, loves to use diamonds, colorful gemstones and pearls. "I have decided to focus on raw diamond and rough gemstone jewelry... as I adore their imperfections." She spends much of her time selecting the perfect, or perhaps imperfect, rocks and stones. She specifically looks for "color shifting gemstones and clear rocks with inclusions." Meri lives in Indonesia where she works on sustainability issues in the tropical forestry sector, and loves to make her own cheese, yogurt, and sugar scrubs!

Meri loves creating and exploring. Her shop name, Gardens of the Sun, "comes from an old journal about Borneo island written by an explorer from the 19th century."
She began making jewelry in school, while studying tropical forestry. While doing fieldwork, Meri bought "amazing gemstones" and freshwater pearls in different Indonesian regions. The designer keeps sustainability as her work's primary concern. She follows proper non-subsidizing mining procedures, uses recycled packaging, and creates "dyed banana leafs for wrapping gifts." Neat!

Gardens of the Sun's jewelry is high quality and very durable. Meri has been known to let her one year old daughter play with it, to test the jewelry. There are tons of great items in the shop at all price ranges. In early November, you will begin to see one of a kind rough gemstone jewelry in sterling silver at Gardens of the Sun on Etsy. Find more about the shop on Wanelo & Twitter. And just for my special readers use these coupon codes when shopping: FREESHIPPING for free shipping on orders over $50.00 -or- PUELLA10 for a 10% discount (valid November 1 - December 31, 2013)!


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