November 30, 2013

Jewelry Wanderlust

Sterling Silver, Garnet & Marcasite Necklace
I recently encountered an Etsy shop with amazingly beautiful pieces. I stopped to take a look. My eyes met extravagant jewelry of many styles: antique Victorian, art nouveau, vintage Navajo, costume jewelry and much more. The shop displayed an array of items donning sterling silver, golds, precious stones & gems of all kinds. Jewelry Wanderlust specializes in unique, vintage jewelry from many historical eras, and from cultures all over the world. The shop carries an assortment of rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, men's fashion, pendants, earrings, pins, and several fashion accessories.

14k Gold Butterfly Locket
The shop is unique for having its items around for a long period of time, since the 1800s. The owner of Jewelry Wanderlust, Chelsea, is now the 5th generation in her family to work in the jewelry business. Her great great grandfather started back in 1880. Chelsea has always had an eye for beauty. She loves "to make people happy by finding the perfect piece of jewelry for them or a loved one because often times jewelry can be sentimental or nostalgic."

I had a chance to get to know more about Chelsea's shop. She explains her work beautifully, "each piece of jewelry has the art style of its time encapsulated in it like a piece of history with a story to tell." Jewelry Wanderlust opened recently in August 2013, but the owner's experience has lasted her whole life growing up in the antique jewelry business. Finding her customers the perfect piece is her ultimate satisfaction. Helping them find fine craftsmanship and historical preservation in the jewelry motivates Chelsea. Today, Jewelry Wanderlust is "one of the largest Antique and Vintage jewelry collections in all of California", and it is now available to everyone through Etsy.
Art Nouveau Gold Filled Heart Locket

There is remarkable variety throughout this shop, not only in eras and culture, but also in price. You can find highly competitive prices as well as highly reduced ones on quality pieces. Chelsea explains, "our pieces are unique and one-of-a-kind and we not only strive to have a large variety of different pieces of jewelry, but we also strive for all different price ranges starting at $29.00 and up." Be sure to check out Jewelry Wanderlust on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

November 27, 2013

Recipe Card Download

Pink and White Recipe Cards

I've been working on a few free downloads for my readers. I created this recipe card download. To make it, I incorporated my hand drawn signature floral designs with the help of picmonkey and gimp image program. I love to cook, and I'd love for you to share your recipe too! Please feel free to use these for your personal projects; click the link below to download. When printing, I found it best to print on cardstock paper - I used white & pink cardstock paper in the image above.


(front & back included)

November 25, 2013


Strolling through Etsy, I recently came across a very unique shop. My eyes met an array of wooden designs, with what looked liked carved intricate patterns. I immediately had to know more about this shop. GrainDEEP specializes in laser engraved wood and suede products. They create custom tags, gift tags, coasters, and bookmarks for businesses, weddings, crafters and artists.

Owners and creators, Sonya and Isac, explain that their great attention to detail is what makes their
products unique...and I couldn't agree more! "We want to provide our customers with a high level of customer service for when they are looking for something extra special." Before they begin an order, they make a design proof of the best representation for their custom orders. The creators strive to set a high standard of quality in their products, so their customers will have faith in the process of their finished product.

Sonya and Isac both have experience in design and architecture. "We had always discussed starting something of our own and using Sonya's design skills and Isac's technical skills and meshing them together in some way." Sonya had previously had her own etsy shop, TEXtureMIX, but the two decided to venture into their own collaboration. It wasn't until six months ago, they realized they wanted to open their shop. Isac came up with the shop name, GrainDEEP. He combined two simple words to describe their work. Grain: every material is made up of grain & Deep: they are literally engraving into the materials used. After ten years of being a couple, the two, now, work together to create spectacular home and wedding decor items, and customized items for business and personal needs.

Working together is what motivates this duo. Both Sonya and Isac help each other in the abilities where they lack. "Where Sonya lacks on a technical basis, Isac excels as well as where Isac sometimes lacks design wise Sonya excels." The two each recognize their strengths, and feed off of each other's energy and ideas to come up with their finished work.

GrainDEEP offers their customers three gradients of wood to choose from: light maple, medium cherry, and dark walnut. Their ultrasuede selection allows you to choose from a ton of colors, as well. Don't miss updates from GrainDEEP on twitter and facebook!

November 11, 2013

Now Serving: Wholesale

I recently had my first wholesale order! The design was cute and fun to make. It featured a henna styled wine glass, with wine tipping out of it, as well as a floral blue wine charm. It was for a business called Winey Chick!

November 2, 2013

Gardens of the Sun

With a name like Gardens of the Sun, you'd expect the most beautiful earthly substances. And that's just what you'll find in this Etsy shop. Gardens of the Sun specializes in handmade gemstone jewelry from Indonesia. The shop includes earrings, bangles & bracelets, and necklaces draped with raw gemstones, gold, pearls, diamonds, silver, sapphire, tourmaline, leather, and more!

What fascinates me most about Gardens of the Sun is combining precious commodities with such an earthy style. It brings nature back into jewelry, so to speak. Their gemstones are raw, their aquamarines and pearls are reminiscent of the ocean, and their moonstones and natural lava give a celestial feel.

Owner and designer, Meri, loves to use diamonds, colorful gemstones and pearls. "I have decided to focus on raw diamond and rough gemstone jewelry... as I adore their imperfections." She spends much of her time selecting the perfect, or perhaps imperfect, rocks and stones. She specifically looks for "color shifting gemstones and clear rocks with inclusions." Meri lives in Indonesia where she works on sustainability issues in the tropical forestry sector, and loves to make her own cheese, yogurt, and sugar scrubs!

Meri loves creating and exploring. Her shop name, Gardens of the Sun, "comes from an old journal about Borneo island written by an explorer from the 19th century."
She began making jewelry in school, while studying tropical forestry. While doing fieldwork, Meri bought "amazing gemstones" and freshwater pearls in different Indonesian regions. The designer keeps sustainability as her work's primary concern. She follows proper non-subsidizing mining procedures, uses recycled packaging, and creates "dyed banana leafs for wrapping gifts." Neat!

Gardens of the Sun's jewelry is high quality and very durable. Meri has been known to let her one year old daughter play with it, to test the jewelry. There are tons of great items in the shop at all price ranges. In early November, you will begin to see one of a kind rough gemstone jewelry in sterling silver at Gardens of the Sun on Etsy. Find more about the shop on Wanelo & Twitter. And just for my special readers use these coupon codes when shopping: FREESHIPPING for free shipping on orders over $50.00 -or- PUELLA10 for a 10% discount (valid November 1 - December 31, 2013)!