October 4, 2013

Rustic Ridge Creations

I recently won a giveaway (whoo!) from the Etsy shop, Rustic Ridge Creations! I won a gift credit to the shop, and chose an almond sugar scrub, a box of lemon balm tea, and natural insect repellent as my prize. I loved the items I received so much, I had to share this shop with you guys.

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
Rustic Ridge Creations specializes in high quality therapeutic bath and body products, for a healthy lifestyle. Some of their products include candles, bath salts, lotions, scrubs, soaps, and herbal tinctures and teas. These handmade items are paraben free, and made with natural ingredients and pure essential oils.

I am extremely happy with my winnings. The Exfoliating Sugar Scrub is made with sugar crystals to refine and soften skin. I use it once a week to exfoliate. After washing it off I can feel how well it hydrates my skin. I absolutely love the almond scent, as well. The lemon balm herbal tea is great for relaxing. It has a sweet aroma, and is great with honey. The tea is made with lemon balm & peppermint leaves. Lemon balm is an herb from the mint family, and it's used to improve digestion and relieve headaches. The natural insect repellent is made of beeswax, shea butter, and essential oils. It is safe for children and pets, and comes in a spray or stick. I especially love it for my feet and ankles. It is an easy to apply, roll on stick. The repellent also has a pleasant scent, because it is completely chemical free!

Soy Candle
The owner behind these lovely creations is Kimberly. She is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Master Herbalist. Her dream began by making soy candles as gifts, and soon blossomed into the many products she offers today. Kimberly loves experimenting in her kitchen with different scents for candles, and humorously calls herself a "mad scientist."

Rustic Ridge Creations' products are healthy for your skin and for the environment. Kimberly is motivated through her client's positive outcome, helping them "ease their suffering" through work on her products. She is extremely grateful to all her customers and for her repeat customers as well. Check out Rustic Ridge Creations on Facebook, Twitter, and her shop for coupons and specials.


  1. I love the natural ingredients idea. I recently made a big purchase from an organic store that sells raw material and made my own face serum, enhanced face cream and natural body butter! They work like a charm. I will have a post on those coming up in a couple weeks.


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    1. following you on GFC! thanks for stopping by!

  3. Rustic Ridge Creations is illegally using my trademarked Wonder Butter™ name on one of her/their products. I legally hold the trademark to the Wonder Butter™ name, have for many, many years and HAVE NOT given this person/business permission to use my trademarked product name. I have an entire Wonder Butter™ product line that I have spent nearly 12 years developing. My product name WILL NOT be stolen.

    1. I'm sorry you are upset, but I don't know anything about this issue. You will have to contact the shop owner for your concerns. She is very friendly and I'm sure she'll resolve any issues.