October 27, 2013


I love October! Leaves are crunchy, the temperature is cooling, and people dress up and play pretend. I look forward to Halloween all month long, and love making spooky desserts like dirt & worms! I asked some of my sponsors and friends:
What one thing puts you in the Halloween mood?

"As a child I think my favorite thing was carved pumpkins, especially ones that had candles put on the inside and would be flickering at night. As an adult seeing all the pumpkins coming out and then the carved faces, puts me in that Halloween mood when the kids are so excited to pick out their costumes and the twinkle in their eyes with excitement. This beaded bracelet reminds me of the carved pumpkin faces, although not a full face, the colors and the "eyebrow" brings it to mind. The Apricot Jade and black onyx are the perfect pumpkin colors."
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"Halloween is quite different for us here in Australia. It is not celebrated to the same extent as it is in the USA. No Jack O Lanterns here, It's Spring and you may find a few ambitious kids trying to trick or treat, however these kids are often faced with people who have no candy to offer them as they weren't aware that it was Halloween or they will not buy candy on purpose because Halloween is American and we don't celebrate it in Australia! The only way we really celebrate Halloween is if someone decides to throw a house party for the event, giving everyone an excuse to dress up in a costume. When I was young however, I loved Halloween themed movies like Hocus Pocus because it gave me an insight into how the day was celebrated in the states, so I would have to say that Halloween movies would put me in the Halloween mood! :-)"

"One thing I have always done since I was a little girl was watch the Tower of Terror sometime around Halloween. Looking back, it's a really silly movie, but when I was 8 years old it was the scariest movie I could handle. It was a tradition I started with one of my best friends - to watch it every sleepover - but then we couldn't get to sleep! Whenever I watch the Tower of Terror now it reminds me of the good ol' days, back when I thought that movie was actually scary - but in all grown up reality, it is so cheezy! The Tower of Terror is a made for TV movie which aired in 1997, based on the ride which opened at Disney's Hollywood Studios in 1994. The entire concept is based in The Twilight Zone television series which aired in the 50's and 60's - really good stuff, if you ask me! It is one of my families' favorite ride at Disney World - we all watched the movie together and loved it! One of my favorite things about the ride, and one that I sure to try each time we go to the parks, is to take any coin and hold it in our hands, palms up, parallel to the floor. With the elevator in the ride going up and down and all around, the coin is supposed to hover over your hand - though it doesn't work so smoothly, because, of course, it's a mechanical ride. But the idea is there - that we are floating in an elevator - just like the victims who get stuck in the elevator in the movie and enter the twilight zone - and especially if you put your hands up like you are on a roller coaster, you can feel it!"
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  9. We don't have that big Halloween tradition here in Portugal, but I really like it :)


  10. i am too chicken to watch scary movies, haha

  11. This was such a great read, we don't celebrate Halloween here in Safrica but you do find a few young people throwing costume themed parties just as an excuse to dress up, but it happens far and few between. No trick and treating, but i can imagine that must have been so fun for kids growing up. Following you hun.

    1. I wonder what fun holidays yours and other countries celebrate that americans do not

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  19. This was fun to read :) I used to love carving pumpkins as a kid. But it wasn't just the carving part that was exciting for me...it was going to the pumpkin patch and picking out which ones to take home.

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  20. People barely celebrate Halloween here, in Holland. Too bad! Cause I think it is one of the best celebrations of the year!
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