July 23, 2013

Lacy's Blog: Chosen

I recently came across a blog, Chosen, while participating in a linky blog hop. The owner, Lacy, is a very passionate, open individual looking to share her work with others. Her blog is a story of her relationship with Jesus in her everyday life. She is eager to share her spirituality with everyone.

Photo courtesy of http://lacymeeker.blogspot.com
Lacy started her blog as a journal in 2007, and posted publicly in 2011, "for the purposes of sharing what the Lord was doing" in her life. She explains that she started her blog as a result of dealing with troubles similar to those her friends were going through as well.

Her love of writing is what enables Lacy to reach out to her community and readers. Her passion to stay connected to Jesus are evident in her writings. Through her blog posts, she incorporates readings from biblical scriptures in her daily lifestyle. One of my favorite features on Lacy's blog are her "Thankful Thursdays" posts. Each week she writes about simple things that give her great gratitude. 

In addition to her blog, Lacy runs the Chosen Shop along with her friend, Olivia. The shop offers home decor, clothing, baby toys, and accessories.

Any denominational religious or unaffiliated spiritual person can relate to her writings. That is, her admiration for a greater power that unites mankind and the world. Lacy sees the world from a greater perspective, chooses to stay positive, and encourages her readers to be happy.


  1. thank you for commenting on my blog Julia! I really love your blog as you are generous and very positive with your posts. I have mentioned you in the preface of my first book, "The PASEFIKA Beat." God bless you and keep this baby up for you are going places with it!!!! :)

    1. O my goodness James!! Thanks so much for mentioning me in your preface of your book! I feel so honored!

  2. sounds interesting! I will check it out!

  3. Thank you so much for the featured post! I am so grateful!

    Love and Blessings,