July 3, 2013

The Handmade Soap Co.

I love, love, love finding homemade beauty products. I found an awesome shop, The Handmade Soap Co. on Etsy. The shops specializes in soaps, scrubs, lotions, and other bath and spa products. Tracy, the owner and maker, has an extensive, unique scent list including "Beach Daisy," "Cream Cheese Frosting," "Bay Rum," and newly added "Honey I washed the Kids," which has toffee and honey aromas.

I had the pleasure of using some H.S.C. spa products: a Facial Masque and a Cooling Gel. The Cooling Gel is a cucumber and cranberry, organic, and vegan blend. I first used this on my boyfriend's burn he received from touching a very hot car part. It was a small, but intense burn, and after the first day of putting on the gel its was surprisingly almost all healed. I've been using it on my sunburns as well. The gel seems to work better than store bought aloe. Because the gel is homemade, I believe it is less "watered-down" by the other ingredients compared to store brand gels. H.S.C's gel seems to be more pure. The Facial Masque is also homemade. It is an all natural blend made with cocoa and bentonite clay. The cocoa is supposed to fight collagen and the clay removes excess oils and toxic. I was very impressed using this product. My skin felt very firm and smooth.

All in all the Facial Masque and Cooling Gel are great products and very well made. Be sure to check out shop updates from H.S.C. on twitter and facebook!