December 26, 2012

Amazing Henna Artist

 One of my flickr friends, Alia, has amazing skills in the art of henna. She is very creative and extremely talented. Alia also has published her own henna books.

Check her work out:

Below are some sample pictures of her designs from her ebook.


  1. Thank you so much Julia. I am so honored that you wrote about my work in your blog.Your blog seems to be a beautiful source of inspiration.I am also thankful to all the people who love my work :)

  2. where can I buy henna that is black or almost.. I see artwork like that but where can I find the henna? please?

    1. Here is some info on buying henna:
      There are sellers listed on the website too.
      You could also try doing a google shopping search.

    2. there are also DIY henna kits if you search on etsy